Letters to the Editor

Questions Article’s Timing

Dear Editor: Can The Tablet tell us why Justin Brannan had a profile story in your paper four days before the election and nothing on John Quaglione?

Brannan is not presently a reader at St. Patrick’s in Bay Ridge, as he claimed, and he is not pro-life. At the televised debate when Quaglione asked him what his position was on abortion, Brannan’s response was he is pro-choice.

Then Quaglione asked what about if the baby is in the ninth month would you approve of the abortion. Brannan’s response was “I am pro-choice.”

The writer of that piece did not do his research. It was unfair to Quaglione who is for Life and speaks proudly about it. The article was, perhaps, what gave Brannan that very small margin for the win. Sorry The Tablet was so short-sighted.

I am disappointed your paper didn’t give Quaglione even space and that I would say is not good journalism. I wish Brannan well and pray his heart recognizes that life in the womb is so precious, to be cherished and that he comes away from the dark side.


Bay Ridge


Editor’s Note: Trabulsi is the executive director of the Life Center on Fifth Ave. in Bay Ridge. While we support his pro-life views and disagree with Brannan’s views on abortion, the article was about Satanic images that were once used by Brannan’s heavy metal band. Quaglione’s reaction was presented and it was all he wished to say on that matter. Another interpretation could be that the article was one of the reasons that the final vote was as close as it was.