Protest in Madrid

Photo © Catholic News Service/Paul Haring

People protest against special reductions on public transport for pilgrims on the first day of the World Youth Day in Madrid. The banners read: “Secular state,” “A paid-for pope blesses the robbed” and “A subsidized Catholic is a politician, not a Christian.”

One thought on “Protest in Madrid

  1. In 1973 the Spanish Bishops Conference demanded the separation of church and state.

    As a result Spain is a secular pluralistic liberal democracy complete with gay marriage and abortion.

    No question there were many dedicated, hardworking people working for the legalization of abortion and gay marriage while the Catholic Church rolled over and played dead in the interests of a ecumenism.

    A sizeable percentage of the foresightful bishops at Vatican II foresaw the effect The Relgious Liberty Declaration would have in traditionally Catholic countries like Spain. It was a contentious document for this reason.

    Ecumenism and religious liberty is not the mission Jesus gave to His Church.