Letters to the Editor

Pro-Life Means Anti-Abortion

Dear Editor: This is a response to false assertions about my prior comments.

Describing himself as a “pro-life independent,” A. Albanese (Readers’ Forum, April 9) demonstrates the absence of independence necessary to challenge the anti-Christian bigotry and distortions of human events by the media’s symbiotic protection of liberal authoritarianism. He infers being pro-life can still involve supporting abortion agendas.

He does not take offense at Obama, the most obsessive pro-abort in American history, who runs roughshod over the Constitution to make America the global leader in financing the slaughter of the unborn, who cynically ties every aid package, including UN initiatives, to creating abortion regimes where none previously existed and whose shameless facilitation of the death culture is as consequential in numbers as the greatest mass murderers of the last century.

Accepting meaningless statistics about past executive orders, intended only for emergency contingencies, demonstrates a submissiveness to orchestrated propaganda sanctioning the unprecedented arrogance of a president who negates and creates legislation on a scale that would make any tyrant envious.

Captivity to progressivism is the same attitude of the original sin that says we can succeed where God has failed. The Gospel summoning our souls for acts of charity isn’t important. We can eliminate poverty and ignore moral causations. We can create utopia. And we can join secularists dismissing the “religious notion” of the sin of pride and pretend it doesn’t apply to our efforts.

In becoming our own god, we make abortion a kind of sacrament and liberals make support for baby killing their “litmus test” for judicial temperament, having demanded that Bush not make any judicial appointments in his last year, least he nominate anyone pro-life. It is more suffering for God that He knows pro-abortion justices don’t offend many Catholics.

It was Obama who first told his followers to bring a gun to a knife fight, of getting in the face of Republicans, of punishing our enemies, rewarding our friends and demanding those who disagree get out of the way. Christians are called to refuse.

Paul Kreig