Letters to the Editor

Pro-Choice Is Pro-Abortion

Dear Editor: Letter writer Tom Morano (Oct. 7) has some good points as to why he supports certain persons for public office. These are issues that should have universal concern. But what he misses in his opinion is that abortion is the killing of a human baby.

The obvious total offensive nature of this act which the apostolic church has opposed since the First Century takes precedent over the positions of Mr. Morano. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that we cannot aid in any way persons or causes that promote sinful acts. This is not a fringe or light subject but one of grave importance to our souls.

The soul enters our nature at conception, not in the delivery room or at some other time. Failing to oppose destroying this sacred life is not permissible for a Christian. It is not a personal belief system but divine will that is the issue.

Abortionists and those that support them are in grave error. You cannot be pro-life and pro-abortion at the same time. I am sure Mr. Morano would not support a candidate that was indifferent toward one that thought killing persons of one group or another was justified. But this is what is being done by the abortionists. They kill babies. Voting according to “one’s conscience” is a prescription for moral disaster. The divine will and the sanctity of life comes before our self-serving interests.


Richmond Hill