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Pope Francis Celebrates Feast Day Of St. George With Milan Youth

Pope Francis personally thanks three World Youth Day volunteers at Panama City’s Rommel Fernandez Stadium Jan. 27, 2019. (CNS photo)

By: Wandy Felicita Ortiz

In celebration of his Name Day, April 23rd, Pope Francis, baptized Jorge Mario Bergoglio, commemorated the Feast Day of St. George at St. Peter’s Basilica by donating six thousand rosaries to youth from the Archdiocese of Milan on Tuesday, noted Vatican News.

During a Mass celebrated by Milan’s Archbishop Mario Delpini, Pope Francis presented the young parishioners of the city with rosaries made with olive wood from Jerusalem, which had been originally been created for World Youth Day held in Panama this past January.

The humanitarian and development organization Caritas Jerusalem had organized the production of the rosaries earlier this year, in turn providing work opportunities to the poor, refugees, and families with loved ones in prison. This gesture, made possible through the Office of Papal Charities, also reflects on the archdiocese of Milan’s pastoral year theme, “They go from strength to strength,” by building upon connections between local and global Catholic communities following World Youth Day.

According to Director ad interim of the Holy See Press Office, Alessandro Gisotti, the Holy Father also requested the young people of Milan to remember him in prayer to the Virgin Mary. “Just a few days before the month of May,” said Gisotti, this call to prayer is particularly symbolic as liturgical calendar dedicates the coming month to the Holy Mother.