Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor: George Weigel’s column (Nov. 7, “The Speaker and Social Doctrine”) in seeking to show his political preference for Paul Ryan and Republican Party economic and social policies, does a major disservice in misrepresenting Catholic social teaching.

Ryan and his party have continually tried to remove support of the neediest of our society by looking to slash such programs as Medicaid and food stamps while reducing the federal taxes of the wealthiest.

Ryan personally has often professed his admiration for the writings of Ayn Rand, an atheist social philosopher who preached the merits of unrestrained capitalism and disregard for the poorest and weakest in society.

Did Mr. Weigel not take note of the Holy Father’s recent address to Congress in which he held up the lives of Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton and Martin Luther King as models to follow in our own efforts concerning social doctrine? All of these great figures stand in direct opposition to Paul Ryan’s idols, Ayn Rand and various supply-side economists.

If you’re a Republican, that’s fine, but don’t try to present it as representing Church social doctrine.


Little Neck