Letters to the Editor

Political Judgments

Dear Editor: Patricia Kenny (“Influences from Russia,” Readers’ Forum, June 30-July 7) praises the heroism of D-Day forces, and then tarnishes that tribute by using their memory to bolster her disturbingly misinformed contemporary political judgments. Yes, there were no screenings of political beliefs among the soldiers on that day, but they knew they were fighting the very type of evil globalist fascism manifestly active in the same contemporary institutions and alliances Kenny belittles President Trump for sensibly renouncing and divesting by America. She apparently accepts the liberal fascist politically generated fiction that Trump, who performed an act of war against Vladimir Putin’s military adventurism in Syria, is somehow acting as his subservient acolyte. This myth has accomplished the Orwellian diversion from the actual Obama/Clinton collusion with Russia in America’s election to manipulate the impressionable that it was the political opposite.

Historical mythmaking has been the essential tactic of progressivism for centuries, an attitude of mind conceived as a means to undermine Christianity, which is why Christians have lost the thread of a Christian world view when the side with the world’s utopian progressives. Satan’s primordial evil was to desire superiority to God, and he has tempted every utopian idealist with the same conceit ever since. The human condition is permanently imperfectible, which is why Jesus spoke one of many truths when He said the poor will always be with us, and so will every variation of human vanity and insurmountable sinfulness.

Sinful vanity and pride are inevitable in bureaucracies and judiciaries prone to acting out the conventions of stupidities that cine to be accepted as “enlightened” which is why the few morally inclined leaders in Europe are increasingly rejecting the moral evils the fascistic European Union keeps imposing on its members.

Thank God for the courageous Brexit movement. And thankfully there are those willing to resist being compelled to rewrite their national laws to accept the demands of EU mandates for abortion and gay marriage.

Thankfully President Trump recognizes this and also rejects the idiotic poverty expanding policies of the fascistic Paris Climate Accord, policies that will even suppress the technologies that will improve energy and environmental control efficiencies that are supposed to be the goals that motivate the Accord.

More recently, Trump had the good sense to defend freedom against its detractors and reject the fascist positions of the other G7 leaders, still actively robbing American taxpayers and insisting on a new era of global fascism controlling trade.


Rockaway Beach