Letters to the Editor

Political Argumentation

Dear Editor: The article from Civilita Cattolica about Catholic fundamentalism in the U.S. is a political tirade full of inaccuracies and exaggerations (typical of political argumentation), attacking opposing policies. Most American sources are from progressive publications, and quoting the authors, we can say that people who do not agree with them are being demonized. The Church can include both of them, provided they treat God and neighbor with charity.

Personally, I try to keep on the news, and have no idea what were the religious ideas of Nixon, Reagan or Bush. I notice that all the quoted presidents are conservative. The advocates of pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality and all the other ABC of letters, are not of interest to these authors. It does not occur to them that one extremism evokes an opposing one. By the way, it seems funny to have a Calvinist editing a Catholic publication.


Davidsonville, Md.