Letters to the Editor

Pets Reflect God

Dear Editor: I am responding to Father Robert Lauder’s column (April 29) titled “A Dynamic Love Relationship.” I read with great interest his point of view in the section “All Creatures Resemble God.”

Father Lauder states that after some reflection he changed his attitude toward the world of nature and animals. He states that, “I have come to believe that all creatures are gifts from God and that we can have relationships with every type of creature, ultimately because every creature resembles God in some way.”

I applaud Father Lauder’s willingness to realize that some people have close and fruitful relationships with creatures who are not persons. I would like to offer this perspective on how a creature (a dog) resembles God in some ways:

A dog reflects God’s faithfulness.

A dog reflects God’s inclusiveness.

A dog reflects God’s playfulness.

A dog reflects God’s warmth.

A dog reflects God’s delight.

A dog reflects God’s kindness.

A dog reflects God’s love.

A dog reflects God’s mercy.

A dog reflects God’s joy.

And God saw that it was good. Genesis 1: 24-26.



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