Letters to the Editor

Party Values First?

Dear Editor: In response to Edmond Farrell, Feb. 3, The Killing Goes On – i.e. in 45 years an estimated 60 million babies have been aborted. I completely agree with him that many Catholics put Democratic Party values ahead of our religious and traditional moral values. Note, the 60 million is a conservative estimate, and doesn’t include babies destroyed by the RU-486 pill and destroyed in embryonic stem-cell research! When a political party is jumping out of its skin to cement abortion in law, I ask what “moral values” does it have?

At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, it was voted to take “God” out of their Party Platform but also includes “full support for abortion on demand.” Liberals in the Democratic Party do not want schools and other public places to exhibit traditional Christmas symbols or sing religious songs, they want to eliminate “Ten Commandment” signs, use taxpayer money to pay for abortions, IRS under Lois Lerner would not issue 501(C)3 to conservative organizations, etc. What morals??

I do not understand how a Catholic can vote the Democratic line, knowing that vote supports the killing of an innocent baby! Isn’t just one baby more important than the minimum wage, sanctuary cities, debt ceiling, budgets, walls, etc.?



One thought on “Party Values First?

  1. Many of us do not understand how a Catholic can vote the Republican line. How do you support a president who has been married three times, endorsed a candidate for Senate who is a pedophile, calls people names on Twitter, and who refused to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis?