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Our Best Instincts

Dear Editor: Kathleen Gallagher’s column (“Abortion Expansion Act Passes in New York,” Jan. 26) plainly states the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) was the brainchild of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. Wow, I almost forgot about that old “champion of women.” His name and the legislation should have been publicly and inextricably linked. Not sure it would have changed the vote on the RHA, but it should have.

Leaders who hurt the ones who should be dearest to them inevitably fail the public too. They seem incapable of recognizing goodness and virtue in those they lead. We deserve laws that protect all from violence, especially the unborn child.

Our laws not only prohibit certain behaviors; for better or worse they teach and guide.

Our laws should appeal to our best instincts to nurture and protect the vulnerable. While we would have to strive to attain those high principles, Spitzer (and unfortunately Gov. Cuomo), set the mark very low appealing to fear and the notion that we can claim an illegitimate right to privacy and choice at the cost of a human life.


Windsor Terrace

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