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Only in Print: Catholic Comedy Finds New Life in Face of Pandemic

This meme, from the Instagram account of @LitCatholicMemes, has garnered almost 20,000 likes.

Mash, fry, boil, hash — there are so many things you can do with a potato. At a time when many of us are likely making our way through that list amid stay-at-home orders, online school, and canceled Masses, it might bare considering: “If you can do all this with a potato, think of all God can do with you.”

This is just one comedic, and Christian, idea from the mind of Jimmy Reynolds.

The 19-year-old Catholic college student is the creator of @LitCatholicMemes, an Instagram account dedicated to Catholic humor in the form of memes — photos from film, television, or current events that are repurposed to reference common thoughts and experiences shared by readers…

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