Letters to the Editor, Week of April 10, 2021

As a Senior Citizen, I Fear For My Safety; April Is National Donate Life Month; The Greatest and Most Charitable Country; Light at the End of This Very Long Tunnel.

School Helps Kids Stay Socialized in Pandemic

Recess is a chance for kids to be themselves: get up from behind the school desk, meet up with friends from other classes, and put their high energy to good use. But this school year, playground time looks a lot more like an office coffee break for young ones in Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Brooklyn. 

Motivated by Faith, Catholic Scientists Look Beyond Earth’s Galaxy

After an unexpected 2020, this year began with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn’s conjunction — a nighttime view akin to the North Star that led the Magi to the Baby Jesus. For some, the sight was a reminder of just how beautiful God’s creation is, even in the most difficult times.

A Jewish Woman’s Journey Toward the Catholic Faith Amid Livestreamed Mass

For many Catholics, making the transition from in-person to livestreamed Mass during the pandemic has been a sobering experience. It has meant not being able to receive the Eucharist and participate in Mass with the rest of the faithful. That’s not Debbie Starkman-Zdyrko’s experience. She feels closer to her community and the Catholic faith now than she did before quarantine began. 

For Mexican Catholics in the U.S., Biculturality Impacts All Areas of Life

Twenty-year-old Abigail Zarate is a Latino Studies student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a Mexican-American, a Catholic, and a first-time voter. For some, this might sound like a lot, but for her, being many things at once is part of her cultural identity and faith journey.