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Slideshow: One Franciscan Family: Franciscan Brothers’ Schools form Bond from Fresh Meadows to Kenya

When St. Francis Prep, Fresh Meadows, celebrated its 150th anniversary five years ago, the school was connected with its “cousins” in Kenya. Brother Peter Roddy, O.S.F., minister general of the Irish Franciscan Brothers, came to Queens to celebrate the benchmark. He told Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F., then-principal and current president, about St. Francis Secondary School in Lare, Kenya, and suggested that the schools form a mutually beneficial relationship. The Fresh Meadows community jumped on the opportunity to help when they found out that some of their fellow Franciscans had to walk five miles one way to get to school. As part of their Lenten sacrifice, they raised funds to provide the African school with bicycles. Since then, the Prep finds a way to help the Kenyan school each year. Last summer, Brother Leonard visited St. Francis Secondary School. He met with the principal, Philip N. Wanjohi, pictured to the right, and distributed shirts donated by his students, pictured below center, which carried the name of both schools. Below, left, he is seen watering a tree the school planted in honor of the Prep. He also visited the students’ families, pictured top left. Brother Leonard said he hopes to have more exchanges between faculty and students in the future.

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