Letters to the Editor

Obligation to Immigrants

Dear Editor: I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25: 31-46.

As Catholics, we have a moral obligation to care for and welcome the foreigner as is stated in our sacred texts. President Trump’s verbal assaults on immigrants from the Dreamers, to people with Temporary Protected Status, to extremely vetted refugees currently fleeing catastrophic wars, famines, natural disasters and epidemics is indefensible.

His vitriol towards these unfortunates violates one of this nation’s greatest values to welcome the poor, the tired and the hungry. Unlike the President, who uses this humanitarian crisis as a political football to further enhance his already inflated and fragile ego, we Catholics must fulfill our biblical mandate to treat all God’s people with human dignity.

“do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” hebrews 13:2


Windsor Terrace