Letters to the Editor

Not Buying Global Warming

Dear Editor: Joe Muller (Readers’ Forum, April 18) indulges unjust accusations toward Republicans, the object of his expressed contempt, with unfounded claims of global catastrophes. Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree? Please. Not even one hundredth of one percent of scientists have had their views solicited, notwithstanding the growing trend to persecute scientists who question the purpose behind promoting the unproven theory of man-made climate change.

Scientists can be as ideological and willfully ignorant as everyone else. From their own admissions, punishing dissent is what global-warming fascists do when they’re not too busy falsifying data for “the greater good” of making people believe it.

Earthquakes are not triggered by fracking. Hurricanes of today are no more intense than any time in recorded history. And slight fluctuations over decades and centuries in aggregate global temperatures are normal and natural no matter how many false narratives are promoted.

Ignorant and cynical politicians like to call their demagogic causes settled, but honest thought examines counter arguments and the potential ideological origins of what is presented as scientific or social progress. Global-warming ideologies are rooted in a demonic contempt for human population as though God, whose incompetence political progressives presuppose, should consult with them on who and how many should be allowed to live. Can anyone identify a single global-warming “scientist” who does not assent to a functional interpretation of human life and human values, or who does not believe the world would be better without lives they call useless?

I doubt the soap-opera authors Muller praises for their fictional politician expressing concern about future generations had innocent slaughtered babies in mind or know enough about energy production to know that wind-turbine and solar power requires the same conventional backup power grid reserve productivity it theoretically displaces creating a net inefficiency. The wind is not constant, and the sun doesn’t always shine!


Editor’s Note: Mr. Yang is a professional engineer.


Dear Editor: I could not believe that The Tablet published Joe Muller’s intemperate and far left Democrat “global warming” rant. It seemed like Chicken Little on steroids had been let loose in the Readers’ Forum.

Companies that produce or transport oil and gas were compared to ISIS mass murderers and those who do not condemn the use or production of fossil fuels were implicated of being white racists who don’t care about Chinese and Indians being polluted by evil fossil fuels.

He predicts the imminent total flooding and annihilation of all the world’s coastal cities, man-created massive earthquakes, and the coming normalcy of man-made monster hurricanes that will all be like Sandy and Katrina.

It’s the coming of the apocalypse, and all being brought onto the Earth by evil Republicans. To make his fevered case, he dredged up the phony leftist talking point that “97 percentof scientists” all believe the Earth will be reeling from environmental disaster unless we … unless we what Joe, go 100 percent windmill and solar? Apparently.

He touts a common leftist myth that Germany gets “50-100 percent of its energy from wind and solar.” Sorry, much of its “energy” comes from gas and diesel fuels. As for its “electricity,” it doesn’t even get 12 percent of its electricity from wind and solar, and this is according to Germany’s own official statistics. The top three sources of German electricity are coal, nuclear and gas. In fact, Germany is already in the development of increasing its percentage of coal-produced energy, not decreasing it.

Perhaps most fatuous though was his quoting an episode of “Madame Secretary” to make his case, lauding the scientific authority of no less than the script writers for having the main character railing “that our children and grandchildren will wonder why we hated them so much. When we destroy our Lord’s creations, we also show a criminal negligence to the poor, and to future generations, which is no better than the most potent hatred.”

I have to wonder, rhetorically of course, what his fellow Democrats think of the millions and millions of real babies really killed throughout the world by abortion? For leftist Democrats, that is a negligible “single issue,” and one very unfair of me to bring up.