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Non Scholae Sed Vitae

Dear Editor: “Not for school, but for Life,” is the motto of my alma mater Archbishop Molloy H.S., Briarwood. I graduated in 1973. Our state’s governor graduated in 1975. We both walked the same halls, but we must have heard different calls.

In confessing and confirming New York’s Abortion laws, he has strengthened, extended and lengthened them to cover abortion, late-term abortion, partial-birth abortion and after-birth abortion, which even the late liberal Democrat U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan labeled, “infanticide.”

The governor rejoiced in his return to the ultra-left wing of his Party by lighting a candle. For that was what the pink-lit Freedom Tower was all about. Using the liturgical color of Laetere and Gaudete Sundays, he mocked the Church. Using the Freedom Tower, he mocked our dead, especially the noble 300 firefighters who gave their lives, so that others might live.

Ironically, by freely choosing this venue, he reminded us that every day since September 22, 1973, is another September 11 for the unborn in this country, i.e. 3000 dead. By protecting and defending this legislation he has brought back capital punishment, without benefit of trial or jury, for United States-born citizens.

As an American, a New Yorker, a Roman Catholic and a fellow Stanner, I am praying for him to imitate St. Thomas More and become God’s Servant first!


Forest Hills

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