Letters to the Editor

No Time for Pity; Just Pray

Dear Editor: During these dark times, and especially today for me, I want to thank Carol Powell for her powerful and comforting article in last week’s Tablet (Sept. 22), “Why Am I Still A Catholic?”

Yes, we need to strengthen and deepen our faith each and every day as our beloved faith is under attack. But we also must remember that we are called to love one another as God loves us. We all pray for the victims and the victimizers of sexual abuse on anyone, most especially our youth.

But we must not forget the holy priests who take their vows seriously, and who work tirelessly to keep the kingdom of God alive and well in our Church.

Right now, all of our priests are being looked at as the same as the those priests accused of sexual abuse. These accusations will open up frivolous lawsuits for those looking to make a ‘fast buck.’

We, as a Church, must continue to pray for our Church which has withstood denigration since the beginning of time. This is no time to pity ourselves; this is the time for us to come together as never before, to defend our Church, our faith, our beliefs and practices, and to rid our Church of the evil that is pervading her right now.


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