Our Youth

New Dance Studio Opens at St. Agnes H.S.

St. Agnes Academic H.S., College Point, opened the doors of its new dance studio to young ladies this summer.

Students from neighboring grammar schools joined St. Agnes dance instructor Nicole McHugh for lessons in hip hop, jazz and ballet.

Twenty girls, ages seven to nine, participated in cheer camp that also took place in the new dance studio. The girls from local parishes dressed in St. Agnes camp T-shirts, were given pom-poms and learned how to cheer their little hearts out.

They were under the direction of the St. Agnes cheer team instructors Katie Gaughan and Bridget Garafalo with the help of St. Agnes alumna and former cheerleader Bridget Kennedy. Each girl, at the conclusion of the camp session, performed for their parents as a group and individually, displaying their talents from cartwheels to tumblesaults.

Dance is now part of the St. Agnes students’ regular course schedule, and the students are looking forward to joining dance clubs and zumba classes that will be held after school. Follow-up sessions for both dance and cheer camps are in the planning stages.