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New Catholic Radio Station Available in New York City

A cooperative effort between the Archdiocese of Newark, N.J., and the Diocese of Brooklyn has brought a new Catholic radio station to the metropolitan area.

Relevant Radio celebrated its first broadcast on Thursday, Aug. 28, on WNSW 1430 AM out of Newark. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission approved the purchase of 1430 AM on June 19, allowing Relevant Radio, the nation’s largest Catholic Radio Broadcasting Network, to reach an additional 16 million listeners in the greater New York City metropolitan area.

“We are thrilled to be in the nation’s number one media market,” said Father Francis J. Hoffman, executive director of Relevant Radio. “We are grateful to the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph for their powerful intercession, and especially to The Most Rev. John J. Myers, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Newark and The Most Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn, for their active support in this endeavor. Nor could we have made this acquisition without the extraordinary generosity of our listeners and supporters.”

“The invitation and support of Archbishop Myers and Bishop DiMarzio was essential in bringing Relevant Radio to this area,” said Tom Vorpahl, chairman of Relevant Radio. “We are very grateful for their assistance and for the generous support of so many individuals who wished to further our mission to assist the Church in the New Evangelization. We are humbled to serve our bishops through the medium of radio and are most grateful for their encouragement and support.”

Relevant Radio is a not-for-profit radio network and produces 70 hours of original programming each week, broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year with award-winning hosts.

Morning Air® and The Drew Mariani Show (TM) are the network’s drive-time talk shows that accompany listeners during their daily commutes with inspiring and informative conversation.

4 thoughts on “New Catholic Radio Station Available in New York City

  1. Hello-I’m a self produced Catholic songwriter-
    I want to send you and MP3 of a Christmas song I wrote-“Christmas Nights’-
    It’s about the society we live in and the loss of faith in Christmas and what it means.
    Can I send you the MP3?
    Thank you-

  2. I have listened to Christian radio for many years while snow riding in Florida. But Christian radio is not always in keeping with my Catholic upbringing, and I say this as one who was raised in strict Catholic tradition. What about those who have not had my privilege? Will we lose more and more Catholics to “feel good” apologetics?
    This year, my sister tuned me into Relevant Radio. Now that I’m back in New York, I cannot imagine my days without tuning in. I am once again, fortunate to tune into the Newark, NJ station. How can I help to bring Relevant radio to those who don’t have the priviledge? I am willing, and able…