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NET-TV Original Documentary – Cuba: The Island of Our Lady

IMG_6378NET-TV is proud to present an original feature-length documentary, Cuba: The Island of Our Lady.

When Pope Benedict XVI visited Cuba, a team of Catholic documentarists from NET-TV, consisting of a journalist, a producer and a priest, followed him into the island nation that has been officially closed off to American journalists for over half-a-century.

They entered a country whose government tried to systematically eradicate the Catholic Church in the 1960s by exiling hundreds of priests, disassembling Catholic schools and outlawing public worship.

cuba 2Although the team from NET-TV did experience some difficulties from government officials, the people of the country welcomed them with hospitality. As they spoke with people who survived over half-a-century of economic and political instability, they discovered a unifying strength among the Cuban people.

For many, that strength came from her – whom they consider to be their mother and queen: Mary Mother of God, under the title of La Virgen de la Caridad, which in English translates to “Virgin of Charity.”

Showings: The documentary will air on Friday, September, 13, 10 p.m. and Saturday, September 14, 9 p.m. on The Net, channel 97 on Time Warner Cable or channel 30 on Cablevision. It will also stream live during these times at http://netny.net/watch-now.

DVD Sale: A copy of the documentary on DVD is available for $19.95 by calling 718-499-9705. There is no cost for shipping or handling. A free gift will be included with every purchase during September in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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