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Nation of Laws, Not Chaos

Dear Editor: I refer to front-page article “Bishop Blasts Militarization of Border” (July 22) containing comments by Bishop Mark J. Seitz of El Paso, Texas. I could not disagree with Bishop Seitz more.

While the Church teaches to welcome the migrant, I think that both the Church and Bishop Seitz have forgotten that we are a nation of laws, not chaos, and that our immigration laws must be respected and adhered to. We cannot have an unsecured border where drugs, illegal weapons, and unknown individuals are entering our country. We need legal immigrants that can be properly vetted, not chaos at the border. The so-called “militarization of border” is the proper enforcement of our immigration laws. Being a Christian does not mean that you disregard our nation’s laws or our Constitution.

Being a Christian means that you respect our laws and obey them! I only allow people on my property that I know, not people that I don’t know.

I believe that Bishop Seitz is strongly misguided on this issue. No one is shutting the door on legal immigrants; it is obvious that people that cross the border without proper documentation could care less about us or our laws and if a person is here illegally, the U.S. government has every right to deport them.

A country without properly-guarded borders is no country at all.


Sheepshead Bay

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