Letters to the Editor

Msgr. Bannan Thanks

Dear Editor: I wanted to drop a line to say I just read the beautiful article in The Tablet about my uncle (“Msgr. Bannan Chose Priesthood Over Hoops,” July 29).

He was our father’s only brother and the best uncle you could ever ask for. He is everything that was said about him in the article and more – he was the “rock” of our family and we miss him every day.

His last days were spent at Queen of Peace nursing home in Queens through many prayers and miracles to get him there. He was taken wonderful care of by the Mercy nuns. When he passed, we got the call at 2:10 a.m. and they said monsignor is on his way to Heaven.

He was truly the best and we all thank you for writing that beautiful, well-deserved article about him.


via email