Mount Sinai Seeks Volunteers in Developing Antibody COVID-19 Tests

A mask-wearing patient is wheeled to an ambulance in New York City March 26, 2020, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. (Photo: CNS/Carlo Allegri, Reuters)

By Franca Braatz

Mount Sinai Hospital and its Icahn School of Medicine are on the frontlines in a race to defeat the coronavirus outbreak.

A multidisciplinary team has been assembled and is already testing several hundred patients a day to determine what they call an “End-to-End” diagnostics solution for COVID-19.

The approach includes diagnosis, treatment selection, and protocols for monitoring the course of the disease. The goal is to ramp up to 1,000 patients daily.

Researchers there have also developed one of the first antibody tests for COVID-19 and now need the public’s help to help save others.

The test measures antibody levels in patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus and are now fully recovered. If those patients have high levels of immunity, their antibody-rich plasma called “convalescence plasma,” could be used to treat patients most sick with the disease.

The technique has been used for over 100 years in past outbreaks, most recently in 2009 during the H1N1 epidemic.

Mount Sinai is ready to start treating patients immediately and is asking for fully recovered COVID-19 volunteers to have their blood tested.

If high levels of antibodies are detected, doctors will work with local blood donation centers to determine the most qualified donors.

Volunteers are being asked to email the hospital at for further information.

9 thoughts on “Mount Sinai Seeks Volunteers in Developing Antibody COVID-19 Tests

  1. I believe I have the virus on feb 3. To feb. 6. I’ve had been on a plane the week before twice. willing to volunteer

  2. I was tested March 11, 2020 my test results was positive I’m now symptom free. I had a fever if 103 for 8 days. I’m now feeling better as I type. I believe I have the antidote to stop the virus

  3. I’ve had symptoms last week and have recovered in two days. However, I haven’t been tested yet. I would like to volunteer to get my blood tested if possible.

    I also live with a roommate, a while after I recovered he got sick as well. I’m not sure if he got infected by me or someone else. Its been a week and he is still sick. His doctor concluded that he might have corona. However, I remained healthy.

  4. I am interested in volunteering for your study. I am in Colorado and would be willing to relocate to NYC for the study. I am 51 in okay health but I am intrigued by the science behind those affected. I would require accommodation and some type of job where I can make money to support my self I currently work in corrections as essential staff as a teacher. I am all alone here and have no familial obligations. Please respond to my need to help.

  5. My nephew has been on a ventilator for 10 days. He is no longer on medicine and in grave condition @ Staten Island University hospital and in dire need of the Covid -19 Plasma /Antibodies .Can you please help us before we lose him? He is @ Staten Island University hospital.

    My wife and I can also donate blood to the hospital or for my nephew.. We both had a bad Flu/Virus in the beginning of March but neither of us were tested for Coronavirus. We have been fine for over 14 days .My wife has type O blood and I have a ‘mediterranean type ‘.
    Tommy Savoca 718-551-4836

  6. I have recovered for the covid and would like information about volunteering to assist in the serum.
    My name is Lenny Halstuch.
    My phone # is 516-857-3290.
    My email is
    Thank you,
    Lenny Halstuch

  7. I work at Lenox Health Greenwich Village as an ER technician. Late February, I developed sever chest congestion and a dry cough. What troubled me about this was the fact that I became extremely short of breath when I would lay on my back. I’ve never experienced symptoms like this from a would be cold. I believe I became better around 16 days later. I am very curious if I was exposed to COVID_19 and I would love to volunteer my time to see if I have antibodies towards it.