Letters to the Editor

Mother Cabrini, a Great Role Model

Dear Editor: There should be a public memorial of Mother Cabrini in New York City. Yes, a statue should be erected to her, especially in view of the Mayor’sefforts to evidence increased statues of women in NYC, pointing to their contributions to our society.

What better role model and person, than Mother Cabrini a woman of greatness, for all to see. In an era of vast immigration with abounding concerns, her presence in a statue would be an encouraging piece in our wider community.

In a recent survey Mother Cabrini came out on top of the listing, and yet others were recommended to have statues in their respective names. That may be fine, but Mother Cabrini can be the role model for all in a society searching for someone to emulate in her work, that of immigration. We need to all ask the question, why was Mother Cabrini not recommended for a statue in our City of New York!

Joseph Sciame
New Hyde Park