Letters to the Editor

More Wonderful Homilists

These letters are part of an ongoing discussion that began with an editorial, “Need for Good Homilies,” published in the Feb. 7 issue. You can find the complete archive here.

Dear Editor: We are blessed at St. Patrick’s, Bay Ridge. All of our priests are great, but Msgr. Michael Hardiman and the newly ordained young priest Father Greg McIlhenney give wonderful sermons. A joy to listen to them.

Bay Ridge

Dear Editor: I have enjoyed reading about the many homilists who preach weekly at our churches in Brooklyn and Queens. I would be remiss if I did not include Msgr. James J. Kelly, who has preached at St. Brigid Church for nearly 55 years.

It is obvious to parishioners that Father Kelly gives great thought to his homilies and those fortunate enough to hear him leave church with meaningful thoughts upon which to reflect in the upcoming week. Father Kelly is brilliant and extremely well-read. He makes the Gospel come alive and is able to relate the Word of God to one’s daily life.

It is a privilege to hear him speak. God bless him for many years to come!