Letters to the Editor

More on the Brothers

Dear Editor: The letter of John McCormick (Oct. 10) revived fond memories of many Xaverian Brothers.

From Holy Name of Jesus in Windsor Terrace and on to Xaverian High, the influence was, and is, memorable.

The mention of Brother Claude who moved from St. Michael’s on to Xaverian struck a fond note since I too sat in his math classes and witnessed his dedication and unique teaching techniques.

Perhaps Mr. McCormick will recall Brother’s skillful use of the long pointer while students were attempting to enter a homework problem on the blackboard; unique!

Another great influence in my case was a fine Latin teacher, Brother Borromeo. His demeanor and presentation techniques were perfect and, to this day, I can remember many of his quotes word for word. He used to refer to himself as “BB” and say that when he passed on his marker should say “conatus est” – he tried.

I wrote to him a few times after he retired and was greatly saddened to hear of his passing.

I believe his baptism name was Dennis Flynn and the family resided in the Bay Ridge area. If any family happens to see this letter they should know that he was one of the finest of the teaching brothers! The influence and dedication were obvious and bring nothing but fond memories.