Letters to the Editor

More About Our Homilists

These letters are part of an ongoing discussion that began with an editorial, “Need for Good Homilies,” published in the Feb. 7 issue. You can find the complete archive here.

Dear Editor: I am proud to submit Msgr. Thomas Caserta, pastor of St. Bernadette parish, as a great homilist.

Msgr. Caserta is an eloquent speaker. His homilies are beautiful and meaningful. He speaks right to your heart in a positive, wonderful way.

God bless him!

Dyker Heights

Dear Editor: Hopefully you can find space for one more letter on outstanding homilists. Msgr. Martin Geraghty of St. Robert Bellarmine, Bayside, always delivers an uplifting, positive and relevant message of hope, with a touch of humor added.

I must also mention Paul, the cantor. When Paul sings the Mass, I feel like I’m enjoying a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House!

My sincere thanks to both Msgr. Geraghty and Paul for making Mass so special.

Regina Lauria
Little Neck

Dear Editor: I have enjoyed the “Great Homilists” letters in the past issues of The Tablet.

Personally knowing Msgr. Andrew Vaccari, Msgr. Edward A. Ryan and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal parish alumnus Father Sean Suckiel was a real treat. We could add many more men whose words of encouragement and guidance have inspired so many.

Please add our pastor Father Anthony Sansone to the list. He is one of the best homilists. His message is always on point and from the heart.  We are privileged to have him with us.