Letters to the Editor

Mockery of the Church

Dear Editor: Your May 12 issue made me look at the cover page to see if you changed your wording of “Catholic Perspective.” Three stories prompted the question.

The first was the story of “Pope Asks German Bishops…” Wow. Let’s vote on what we should do? Sounds like relativism to me. The pope’s “wishy-washy” responses only cause confusion and division. The pope does not have the liberty to express opinions!!

Your page 12 stories are a disgrace. While the internet has been reporting on the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at The Met as “Catholic Imagination” gone wrong, your stories seem to create fake news. Maybe you should have shown some of the costumes like other reporters did! Catholic Imagination is a serious theological concept, and does not mean what was displayed at The Met. Half-naked people paraded on the red carpet in costumes that make fun of our God, our Church and the tradition behind our liturgical and religious clothing. Our vestments have rich meaning and traditions based on historical development.

Giangrave and White used the words “that didn’t prevent some celebrities from offering their own take on Catholic costuming.” We don’t have costumes. Catholics should have walked out and the cardinal should have withdrawn his presence and support. We now know why our Church is suffering when they support events that make fun of our God-given beliefs.

How much longer will the Blessed Mother hold her Son’s hand from striking? We need to pray the Rosary that there is a strengthening in our Church of solid Catholic leadership.