Letters to the Editor

Missing Msgr. Sivillo

Dear Editor: This is in response to the obituary of Msgr. Nicholas Sivillo (April 18).

I was a parishioner of Our Lady of Hope from my baptism (at age 18 days) until recently. I was an altar boy (that’s what we called them back then) from November, 1975 to October, 1985, and an usher under both Msgr. Sivillo and the present pastor, Father Carrano.

Upon his retirement in June, 2009, Msgr. Sivillo moved to the rectory of nearby St. Margaret’s Church (not as the obit stated that he continued to live at Our Lady of Hope). However, while the pastor, he was much loved by parishioners. Many couples getting married at Our Lady of Hope requested that he officiate. He officiated at the funerals of my Uncle Jim, Aunt Lee and my father.

While he was pastor, four parishioners went into the seminary and were ordained to the priesthood, and one to the diaconate.

In June, 1998, he responded at 6 a.m. on Father’s Day to a neighbor’s home where several members of a family were stabbed (one died) in a domestic violence incident.

The monsignor will be missed.