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Media Assassination

Dear Editor: When is the media going to come clean and realize that they are part of a horror?

Backing the wrong bunch of people, they are acting like small children having a temper tantrum, calling for one investigation after another, claiming that where there is smoke – there is fire, when the facts so far show no evidence.

Well I would like to know where the investigations are for Fast and Furious and our dead border guard?

Where is the investigation into the Benghazi incident with a dead ambassador and dead security team members?

Where is the investigation of the money laundering by the Clinton Foundation?

Where is the investigation of why Russia got uranium from the U.S.?

Shouldn’t we start at least with following facts and not just suspicions?

And finish one investigation before we take on more.

There cannot be any good outcome for America if we continue down the path of not holding the media, government officials, and both political parties accountable.

Our credibility on the world scene is diminished and our ability to function and influence the world will not be trusted.


Jackson Heights

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One thought on “Media Assassination

  1. Yes it is true that our credibility on the world scene is diminished. But not for the reasons expressed by Mr. Hopkins. We are diminished by the actions and words of our Twitter-obsessed president.