Letters to the Editor

Living Faith by Example

Dear Editor: I enjoyed Father Cush’s article on Sunday’s Scriptures (“True Fathers Teaching True Faith,” July 21), which included the subsequent lesson of teaching the Gospel message through the way we live our lives.

To me, the Gospel message has become very simple: God loves us. All men and women are His children. Act accordingly. That’s it!

There’s no heavy lifting of dogma or doctrine, just the bare bones of God’s love, and our being reminded to live in that love and partake in the banquet.


Beechhurst, N.Y.


Dear Editor: Father Cush is absolutely correct (Sunday’s Scriptures, July 21) in that our priests need to be men who place their pastoral responsibilities ahead of their more earthly drives. He’s correct also in lamenting that the movie and entertainment industry trend is to depict priests as corrupt and expressing their baser instincts.

However, there are still some programs that depict priests as honorable. One of my favorites, which is still airing on Netflix and which has another season in production, is the “Father Brown” series, starring Mark Williams. (Harry Potter fans will remember this actor played the kindly, gentle father of the Weasley clan.)

Father Brown, whose character is based on the classic G.K. Chesterton novels, comes across as a man with a keen sense of observation and he winds up in the middle of solving mysteries – much to the annoyance of the village detective, who winds up being off-base much of the time.

However, the most important point is that Father Brown lives out his primary mission of saving souls and offering counsel on redemption. He is never judgmental and he acts on clues but avoids spreading gossip. He seeks after truth and usually winds up solving the mystery in the process.

Another program that was based on the Father Brown series but is not airing anymore was the Father Dowling series, starring Tom Bosley in the role of another kindly priest who puts his priority of soul-saving first.

I hope more independent networks and producers take their cues from these two programs and start featuring our pastors as good persons. There are many in real life.

Maybe I’ll be inspired to become that next screenwriter. Who knows?