Letters to the Editor

Like Fine Wine, it Gets Better With Age

Dear Editor: In Maureen Pratt’s article (“What’s in a Number?,” Sept. 7), the author stated that there are more resources for persons who are aging to stay active and explore new interests. I felt compelled to respond because, as Catholics we need to be less vague about how we should be staying active and state some examples on how to explore new avenues for aging lay and religious people.

I am an active member of Helpers of God Precious Infants which was founded by Mgsr. Philip J. Reilly. We pray and try to counsel women who are entering an abortion facility. There are also monthly vigils throughout the diocese and we welcome new participants.

Being active in the pro-life movement is needed, as well as attending the March for Life in January in Washington D.C., advising others not to vote for pro-abortion candidates, teaching religious education classes in their parishes, volunteering to help out in our Catholic schools, or helping out at the New York Foundling.

Many of our wonderful aging Catholics are talented and experienced in so many fields. They can bring so much happiness to all of us and as a result they feel so much younger. They vote in large numbers and can help to change the culture of death into a culture of life in New York State.

Madeleine Santangelo-Palumbo