Life is Non-Negotiable

Once again, the March for Life in Washington, D.C., has proven to our nation and the world that Americans value life, from conception to natural death. The Pro-Life March was bolstered by the video appearance of President Donald Trump, marking the first time that a U.S. President has spoken in person to the gathered crowds.

In addition, the Vatican’s President for the Pontifical Academy of Life, Archbishop Vincent Paglia, issued a letter demonstrating the Holy See’s support for the march, as tens of thousands of people, especially young people, flooded the capital to let their voices be heard.

Yet, there are issues that swirl around the life issue. Bishop Anthony Taylor of the Diocese of Little Rock, Ark., did not attend the Arkansas state March for Life because the keynote speaker at the rally was the state’s Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Although she is anti-abortion, the bishop felt that she was “not an appropriate pro-life speaker” because of her pro-death penalty stance. Arkansas Right to Life readily admitted that it is “a single-issue organization dedicated to seeking protection for the lives of innocent unborn children.”

Bishop Taylor’s call for a seamless garment approach is certainly justified and certainly in line with Catholic principles which call for respect for all human life, from conception to natural death. This is essential for a proper, complete pro-life view. The bishop scheduled a Pro-Life Mass and encouraged all in his diocese to attend.

Yes, it is true that we must respect all human life. However, unless we defend life from conception, without exception, the garment we wish to view as seamless can never be woven. To truly be pro-life means to be one who is an advocate of the seamless garment concept. However, unless we defend the fact that life begins at conception, and envision a nation without the slaughter of abortion, we are only doing half of what we should do.

The March for Life is a great thing and we salute all those from the diocese who made their way to Washington for the event. It is essential that we continue to march until the scourge of abortion no longer plagues our nation. Should Catholics actively campaign for other pro-life issues? Yes, by all means! But the non-negotiable has to be that the life in the womb has a right to see the light of day.