Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of Nov. 7, 2020

Remembering the Young Whitey Ford

Dear Editor: I read with great interest Jim Mancari’s article on Whitey Ford (“Baseball World Mourns Loss of Whitey Ford,” Oct. 24).

In 1947, just before the Yankees signed him, I pitched against him in the finals of the Queens Nassau Sandlot league. My team was the St. Albans Senecas and his was the Astoria 34th Ave.boys. We lost 7 to 4.

He went on to play the Brooklyn Champs which was a team with Frank Torre on it. (Joe Torre’s brother). After the game the Yankees signed him.
What I remember about Ford was that he had a great fastball and a sharp curve which he would throw even with 3 and 0 counts. He was also very cocky. After their win at the Parade Fields in Brooklyn they were New York City Champs.

I also pitched for St. John’s Prep under Herb Hess. We were the New York City champs, beating Fordham Prep. We were finished undefeated with a record of 26- 0. They are great memories.

John Rubsam
Bayside Hills

The Coronavirus Turns out To Be Very Political

Dear Editor: Our governor Cuomo is believed to have a deep understanding of measures required to successfully deal with this corona test results pandemic (“Bishop DiMarzio Strongly Reacts to Gov. Cuomo’s New Church Restrictions, Says Rights are Being Violated,” Oct 10).

The coronavirus turns out to be very political and is extremely dangerous in the churches, but not so much in our supermarkets and subways, which though full of people not keeping social distance, still employ sufficient precautions.

The new coronavirus makes a clear distinction among people’s lives value! Thus, in spring 2020, the abortion clinics were open and fully supplied with personal protective gear for the entire time, even in the hardest-hit areas, while some hospitals in NYC were lacking face masks and protective gowns for their staff.

Thus the coronavirus chooses people’s gatherings and therefore some are encouraged worldwide, while others — like weddings or funerals — are highly restricted if not forbidden.

Interestingly enough, the forensic studies of the COVID-19 victims fall under this clause as well.

Elizabeth Guzikowski

Ministering in the Example of the Good Shepherd

Dear Editor: I want to give a big shout out to two priests who are ministering in the example of the Good Shepherd. I refer to Father Bill Sweeney and Father Jim Cunningham, both of St. Francis de Sales in Belle Harbor, Queens.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, these two priests have livestreamed daily Mass, had the recitation of the Rosary, and were available for anyone who needed to talk due to fear or loneliness.

I live in South Jersey, but I am Brooklyn born and a good friend of Father Cunningham. I hooked on to St. Francis de Sales and became an online parishioner. I found many friends from my old parish of Good Shepherd online at Mass, there was a spirit of belonging. Every day you were welcomed no matter where you came from.

True it is a deprivation not to be able to receive the Eucharist, but the Mass was so alive and you were a part of it due to these wonderful priests. I have thanked Father Bill and Father Jim many times.

My hope is that this letter is published so that they can see my public thanks and I am sure the thanks of many others.

Thank you, good shepherds!

Maria Mastromarino
Manalapan, N.J.

Those Without Voices Are The Least Protected

Dear Editor: With all due respect I found your editorial to be sadly, representative of the confusing rhetoric coming from the very ones who should be, at this crucial time, speaking only the truth (“Why We Don’t Endorse Presidential Candidates,” Editorial, Oct. 31). Too many who identify as Catholics, do not know Church teaching.

I do not, nor ever will, understand the reluctance by those who have the ability to reach vast numbers of Catholics, to speak this truth. We are facing a very real threat, a threat that we have been warned about many times by Our Lady at Fatima. This election is not a time for any Catholic shepherd or journalist to be more concerned about “offending” someone, then speaking the truth to them. This election should not be a “difficult decision” for anyone who is a faithful Catholic.

To knowingly vote for a candidate or political party that is in favor of, or promotes the murder of the most innocent is a grievous sin.
Those very same politicians believe that crushing a fully developed child’s skull in order to accommodate the convenience of its mother (who will carry the wounds of abortion forever in her heart) is acceptable. How could anyone actually believe that such a candidate, could possibly care about human life at any stage?

As Catholics, we are called to protect God’s Creation, from the moment of fertilization. We are called to protect the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. This is not an opinion, this is the objective truth. We should be very skeptical of anyone, whether clergy or otherwise, who tells us differently. It is irresponsible for a publication that calls itself Catholic, to not clearly emphasize the differences in the candidates’ platforms, and which of those candidates would better protect our deeply held religious convictions as Catholics. We cite the numbers of deaths from this “pandemic,” yet the numbers of the unborn are 350,000 a year (that we know of).

The deaths of 20,000 elderly in nursing homes occured on the watch of New York’s Democratic governor. Those without voices are the least protected. May God have mercy on us.

Pamela Menera

Editor’s note: Based on reports from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion organization, there were more than 800,000 abortions in the U.S. in 2019.

The Diocese of Brooklyn Should Not Give Up

Dear Editor: I am thankful the diocese is not giving up (“Judge Denies Diocese Request for Preliminary Injunction Against Cuomo,” Oct. 17).

Unfortunately, it is possible that the judge ruled against the diocese because he does not want to offend Governor Cuomo. Governor Cuomo has his finger in the entire State.

Didn’t President Trump pass a bill that enables Churches to be open? Why does Governor Cuomo consider sports an essential activity and has allowed for sports to continue and yet he cannot recognize the fact some churches are larger than others?

As we see there is no restriction on how many shoppers can be in stores at the same time, especially in stores outside of New York City.

The diocese could start a new lawsuit against Governor Cuomo and add more plaintiffs and perhaps make it a class action lawsuit. There should be at least one similar previous case in relation to restrictions in public buildings where people gather or in places of worship, even if the case was won 100 years ago. New York State Constitution and the United States Constitution supports the diocese’s argument. Can we get doctors that could provide documentation showing how many people could participate in Mass in a large church that seats 800 people, provided they wear masks and keep a social distance. I wonder if the Dept. of Health would be supportive.

What about when typhoid and other infectious diseases hit NYC years ago? How were people restricted back then? There are cases out there and I am sure they would provide additional support towards the diocese’s argument. Perhaps if Cuomo attended Mass he would be more concerned. But then again he excommunicated himself when he passed his abortion, euthanasia, and assisted death bills.

Obviously, we are dealing with a man who has no respect for life. Governor Cuomo allowed COVID-19 patients to be transferred from New York City hospitals into nursing homes, particularly in Elmhurst, where thousands in nursing homes died. There should be a lawsuit against the governor for his neglect and reckless endangerment towards those patients’ lives. I am very sorry that the bishops and the Diocese of Brooklyn have to go through this lawsuit and keep it going. God Bless our bishops and all parishioners.

Stephanie L. Zito
Davenport, N.Y.

The Love and Compassion Our Lady Represents

Dear Editor: Hatred motivates acts like this (“Police Hunt for Vandal Who Toppled Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue,” Sep. 19). They act with no fear when the world seems to be supporting the destruction of Catholic or historical monuments.

Nowadays individuals believe that they can destroy what they want when they want, and there is no penalty. Others stand by watching and supporting the destruction of our country and our beliefs. They want to silence us with fear and hatred. They reject the love and compassion this statue represents in the Catholic faith.

When will those who believe in what is right stand up and stop the destruction happening?

Arthur R. Brown
Moscow, Indiana