Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Nov. 13, 2021

Thanks for Publishing ‘A Shanksville Meditation’

Dear Editor: George Weigel’s article “A Shanksville Meditation: On 9/11, Dignity Soared” (Oct. 30) was so inspiring, especially regarding the 40 passengers who gave up their lives for America, and your negative comments on the National Wall Memorial.

Thank you for your article.

God bless the passengers and your love of America.

Marie Roberta Sasso

Tarpon Springs, Florida

I Hope What the Pope Said is Not True

Dear Editor: I was outraged when I heard that when President Biden visited with the Pope, Biden stated that the Pope told him, “He was a good Catholic and should still receive communion.”

I was looking for the Vatican’s denial and there was none. Considering that President Biden is for abortion, how could the Pope say that?

I hope the above is not true, but if it is, again, the left gets a pass — but this time from the Pope.

Michele Manero

Howard Beach

President Biden and Pope Francis

Dear Editor: I read your article “President Biden: Pope Said ‘I Was a Good Catholic’ ” and was surprised how a Catholic publication reports on this meeting where the Pope called Biden, who is a public supporter of abortion, a good Catholic.

The article also says, without any comment, that the Pope had praised Biden as being a good leader and Biden had made promises for the “dignity and equality of humankind,” providing specific examples about the poor and climate change, but never mentioning the unborn.

The only common ground these leaders have is to avoid this discussion and your failure to make any statement makes you look more suspicious than neutral.

Ciara McCabe

Flushing, NY

Editor’s note: The Tablet does not make statements when reporting on stories; we remain objective. In this case, since there was no video or audio of the meeting, we reported what both sides claimed was said.

Congratulations to Eric Adams

Dear Editor: I wish to offer my congratulations for mayor-elect Eric Adams.

We all need to offer our support for the new incoming mayor even if we did not vote for him. Adams will have a lot on his plate and is expected to accomplish much for the good of all the people of New York City. The city has a lot of problems as a result of the pandemic and has many issues to address like crime and guns on the the streets being used by street gangs, affordable housing, homelessness, mental health issues, rising food costs, vaccine mandates, and much more.

In believe Eric Adams is a blue collar worker who fully understands the problems of the poor and the issues facing the common men and women of this great city.

I hope and pray he succeeds for the good of us all. For Adams will be mayor of all the boroughs and all its people.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


A Small Clarification 

Dear Editor: This is not exactly a “letter to the editor” but I did not see a means to write directly about the Nov. 6 Sunday Scripture (“Real Giving Brings Its Own Reward.”)

The context was, as usual, outstanding but there was a small factual error.

The name Oliver Cromwell was used in the column but King Henry VIII’s ally and opponent to Saint Thomas More was actually Thomas Cromwell.

There is often some confusion about these two as they share a last name.

Bill Rednour