Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of June 18, 2022

Praise for Cardinal Tagle

Dear Editor: A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Cardinal Luis Tagle when he was passing through Northern Virginia (Cardinal Tagle’s Visit is ‘Like Sunlight’ For a Queens Hospital’s Staff and Patients, June 11).

He stopped in to say noon Mass at St James.

He’s a pastoral, approachable, kind, and funny priest.

Gail Opitz

Falls Church, Va.

A Courageous Archbishop

Dear Editor: Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco had the courage to ban a prominent Catholic named Nancy Pelosi from receiving holy Communion.

But of course, she promptly received Communion in her Georgetown church in Washington, D.C.

Why doesn’t every bishop across this nation show the same courage?

Paul Manheimer

Oakland Gardens

Has the Church Changed The Rules Regarding Abortion?

Dear Editor: I am the product of a Catholic School education. I was fortunate enough to have parents who were believers. We attended Mass every Sunday.

My children grew up going to Mass with their grandparents every Sunday. God blessed us all and continues to bless us.

I was taught that every life is precious. Abortion was never an option if you were a practicing Catholic. Now, we have politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Joe Biden, and Governor Kathy Hochul, just to name a few, who are Catholics but also for partial-birth abortion, which is murder.

None of them have been removed from the Church. The only clergy member who has spoken out is the archbishop from San Francisco. He stated that Pelosi could not receive communion. She is now receiving communion in Washington D.C.

I was taught that abortion is considered murder.

Were my teachings wrong?

Maureen Marilyn Santora


Remembering My Father

Dear Editor: Father’s Day is upon us and many of us are remembering our fathers both living and deceased. As such I am remembering my father who passed away on Easter Sunday in April 1973 at age 83.

My father, Frederick R. Bedell Sr., was married to his first wife, Gertrude, in 1908 and had one child named Marion. After 35 years, his wife passed away. He did not know if love would enter his life again. Yet it did, when during WWII he met my mother, Teresa, in 1944 and married her at the end of the war. At his age, he never thought he would have a child again, but he did, at age 59, when I was born. And the icing on the cake? I was born on his birthday — August 1.

At 14 years old, my mother died. My father was then 72-years-old and said he would do the best he could to raise me alone. He saw to it that I finished school and went to church every Sunday and taught me to show kindness to others.

I will as such always miss my father, and he will forever be in my heart, especially on Father’s Day. Now, on this Father’s Day, please remember your fathers, and if they are living, tell them how much you love them.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


Mourning the Deaths of Children

Dear Editor: Little by little, we are being informed of all that happened in the tragic deaths of 19 children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas.

We grieve the loss of life, especially of innocent life, and we do so with moral outrage.

Each detail of this horrific event compounds our disbelief that we humans can be so depraved.

Our whole country rightfully grieves the death of these children and the agony of their families.

What about the unborn — the most innocent? Who protects them? Their deaths are equally barbaric. Where are those who mourn their deaths?

Judith Mooney