Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of Jan. 23, 2021

Biden Is Trying to Make Abortion a Non-issue

Dear Editor: Apparently, columnist George Weigel, thinks it’s OK to demonstrate, for weeks on end, against an abortion facility, but to remain silent when it comes to voting for Biden (“Biden, Pre-Conciliar Catholic?” The Catholic Difference, Oct. 24).

Biden is making abortion a non-issue, making it into a right, like freedom of speech. Just look how he says religion is so important to him, while he quotes the Bible and the pope, but then he chooses a vice-president that exceeds Gov. Cuomo’s extreme positions on abortion.

Anthony M. DeVito
Brooklyn Heights

Once Again, Mrs. Ray’s Class Helps the Bright Christmas Campaign

Dear Editor: I am a teacher at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy in Forest Hills. In 2019, my 4th Grade class and myself decided to collect money for the Bright Christmas campaign. Very graciously, you wrote an overwhelming column for The Tablet about our project (“Bright Christmas Campaign at Mrs. Ray’s Class,” Editor’s Space, Dec. 21, 2019). Currents News also did a segment for TV about our initiative.

Due to COVID-19, we had to split classes at our school to adhere to the CDC guidelines. I am now teaching first grade with my partner teacher, Mrs. Nicole Vaccaro.

While discussing Advent last month, Mrs. Vaccaro and myself thought it would be a great idea to once again collect and donate money for the Bright Christmas Fund, all the while teaching the first graders how important it is to give and not just receive during the Christmas season.

They enthusiastically agreed and we believe the message was received loud and clear as we collected $200 to be donated to the Bright Christmas Fund.

We certainly don’t expect such fanfare as last year, but we definitely wanted to contribute to such a worthy cause once again. We both felt it is never too early to teach young children the importance of giving , especially this year!

Mrs. Janice Ray
Mrs. Nicole Vaccaro
Forest Hills

Editor’s note: Thank you, Mrs. Ray and Mrs. Vaccaro, for helping others while teaching your students the essence of Christmas.

Another Date That Will Live in Infamy

Dear Editor: As a veteran I am upset over the attack on our nation’s Capitol Building in Washington, by evil insurgents on January 6th. These nefarious and egregious acts constitute treason in my opinion. Furthermore this was an attack upon the very fiber of democracy which our great nation was founded upon.

As a member of the American Legion Post #103 in Douglaston, I see Jan. 6 as a day of infamy, a day that will never be forgotten. These evildoers did not win, and freedom and democracy did prevail. As Senator Chuck Schumer said, these extremists must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I totally agree. I myself served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War and am proud of what this country stands for, and that is freedom for all. That includes the right to protest but not to engage in acts of violence. Democracy must be defended against those who wish to destroy it. Remember this: Evil thrives when good people do nothing!

I have just read about Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick who was beaten with a fire extinguisher defending the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters and later died. He was a true hero in my book. As reported, Officer Brian Sicknick became an Air National Guardsman who served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Enduring Freedom. He did what had to be done protecting our nation’s Capitol and did so by giving up his life for a nation he loved.

As a veteran, I salute Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick for his bravery and going beyond the call of duty. His actions will never be forgotten. As for those who committed this heinous crime, may they be captured and pay the price for this evil act. And may they come to the realization of what they have done. My heartfelt prayers to Officer Brian Sicknick’s family, friends and fellow officers who are grieving at this time for a good man.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Role of Catholic Church in Biden Presidency

Dear Editor: I am disturbed by many members of the Church’s efforts to hold out the olive branch to Biden and his team. There are several reasons we should not be doing this:

Biden is supporting a pro-abortion platform and refusing to give aid to Catholic schools. His VP choice, Kamala Harris, is a virulent anti-Catholic. Most concerning is the Democrats’ cabal formed with Big Tech, the media, major corporations and academia who are committed to forming a one-party, totalitarian state. We see this as Big Tech and media censure the thoughts and opinions of conservative writers and politicians. College faculties refuse to allow conservatives to speak on campus. Major publishers are refusing to print conservative writers.

Most alarming is big corporations purging themselves of employees who support conservative programs. They are using tactics that were employed by many dictators.

Thomas Billings
Woodstock, Maryland

It Is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive

Dear Editor: As we conclude our 90 Days of Giving Back, we at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish, Bayside, want to share with you the joy of giving.

Since our parish could not celebrate our 90th Anniversary with the traditional dinner/dance, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our parishioners decided to make spiritual and corporal works of mercy, including charitable gifts ($90 for the price of a banquet ticket) to local community and diocesan charities in thanksgiving for 90 years of blessings.

Since September, in addition to $37,000 for academy tuition assistance, nearly $20,000 has been disbursed to needy families and charitable organizations, such as The Tablet Bright Christmas Campaign.

Parishioners have donated numerous cars — three last month alone — to the Vincentian Charities of Brooklyn, and the thousands of dollars returned has supplemented our local St. Vincent de Paul charitable giving.

This 90th Anniversary has brought us more joy than ever, as it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Father Bob Whelan
Sister Nora Gatto
Deacon Bill Molloy

Editor’s note: Father Whelan is the pastor of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament; Sister Nora and Deacon Molloy are the coordinators of the St. Vincent de Paul OLBS Outreach.

Prayer, Patriotism And Goodwill

Dear Editor: I was present at the “Save America Rally” in D.C. on Jan. 6 along with six of my parishioners (“Catholic Church Leaders Denounce Capitol Violence,” Jan. 13). It is a truly sad day when hundreds of thousands of peaceful American citizens, young and old, go all the way to Washington, D.C. to tell our U.S. government that we want the Supreme Court to actually hear the evidence before being told it didn’t exist, to actually do the fact-checking to explain the really strange results, and that we want fair and free elections.

It is truly sad when we, prayerful people, are not shown, the thousands of us, and when we are  labeled Trump-supporters instead of patriots; when the media only shows some activists (always present when any protest happens — think of all the recent protests!) who pushed their way into the Capitol building, and largely ignores the fatal shooting of an unarmed veteran of our country. It is truly sad when Catholic leadership does not applaud the prayer, patriotism and goodwill of so many, and instead focuses on the actions of a select few, and places all of us in the same category.   

Father Michael W. Panicali
Sheepshead Bay

Editor’s note: Father Panicali is the parochial vicar of St. Mark-St. Margaret Mary in Sheepshead Bay.

Memories of a Road Trip Listening to Charley Pride

Dear Editor: The recent death of country music legend Charley Pride, and John Alexander’s tribute to this award-winning singer (“The Gospel Roots of Country Music Icon Charley Pride,” Jan. 16), brought back memories of nearly 50 years ago.

In June 1973, having graduated Cathedral College Seminary ten days prior, I set out with my favorite English professor and spiritual director, Msgr. Eugene Feldhaus (when he died two and a half years ago, at 98, he was the oldest priest in the Brooklyn Diocese) on a twelve day road trip around New York State.

“Feldy” had rented a used pickup truck camper which took us from NYC to Niagara Falls to the Thousand Islands, down along the Hudson River, and all the way out to Montauk Point. It was an unforgettable experience. The truck was equipped with only an eight-track player, with one tape only: Charley Pride. Just how many times can you hear “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” and “Is Anybody Going to San Antone”? Well, we did listen every day, and I learned those lyrics by heart. Got to love Charley Pride’s singing voice as well.

Nearly fifty years later I am still listening to his music. May he now sing with the heavenly choir!

Msgr. Steven Ferrari

Editor’s note: Msgr. Ferrari is the pastor of St. Teresa parish in Woodside.