Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Jan. 21, 2022

Doing God’s Work 

Dear Editor: I hope 2023 brings this organization all the blessings that God can offer (“Bridge to Life’s New Center Opens: ‘From Here … Life Will Be Given,’ ” Dec. 31, 2022). 

They are doing God’s work in our country. 

God bless them all, especially Fran Yellico, who I got to know in Australia. 

Anne Byrnes

Questioning George Weigel 

Dear Editor: George Weigel’s recent column in The Tablet (“We’re ‘Fans,’ Not ‘Fan Bases,’ ” Dec. 31, 2022) was confusing and irritating. 

Once again, he writes in a convoluted manner and rails this time about Aaron Judge and baseball in general. 

If this is aimed at the common man, it fails miserably in its language. 

George Weigel is unnecessarily wordy and multisyllabic. He rants about baseball’s invention of two phrases, “fan base” and “body of work.” He mentions “faux-sociology.” Funny, that is how he seems to me. 

How about plain, simple English and no more language stunts and manipulations? 

I do not think readers are enriched by his attacks, nor does it increase my faith in God or Catholicism. 

Ann Cullen Sunshine 

Howard Beach 

Kudos to Weigel 

Dear Editor: I wholeheartedly second his assessment of the “true” Pope Emeritus Benedict (“Knowing the True Joseph Ratzinger,” Jan. 14).

Maurice Nelson 


Praise for Holy Family Catholic Academy 

Dear Editor: Here in Fresh Meadows, there is a very special place where Catholic education, morals, values, and respect for one another are taught daily. 

Holy Family Catholic Academy is a school where the teaching of the Catholic faith is fostered by a devoted and caring principal, Anne Kelly, and its devoted faculty and staff. 

The students in our academy have the very best of the best in Catholic education because they live it every day in their classrooms. 

Father Sean Suckiel, pastor of Holy Family Church, is a dedicated priest who puts the academy first and foremost. His love for all who are in the academy is very evident. We, as a parish, are indeed most fortunate to have Father Suckiel as our spiritual leader. 

May God continue to bless Holy Family Catholic Academy. It truly is a strong foundation for Catholic education in our community of Fresh Meadows, as well as in our diocese. 

John Amato 

Fresh Meadows 

Music to My Ears 

Dear Editor: Thank you so much for writing this article about our wonderful choir directors, Don and Diane Competello (“In Perfect Harmony: Competellos Express Their Faith Through Music,” Jan. 14) 

The Competellos have been serving the Lord in parish music ministry, in Catholic education, and in their example of Catholic Christian family life. 

It is indeed a blessing to know them and do ministry with them musically, spiritually, and as friends. 

Arlene B. Muller