Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Dec. 17, 2022

The Choice is Yours 

Dear Editor: I was not surprised in reading a recent article in the Tablet (“Spirituality is Replacing Religion for Many,” Dec. 10). 

It gives some advice on how to combat this trend with more education using technology, and showing people how to live the faith through evangelization. 

The church and its teachers can only present the faith, explain the faith, and live the faith. It is ultimately the person’s choice to believe. 

Being a practicing Catholic is not easy in a growing secular world, but being spiritual is. It comes down to that. 

I have two prayers after reading this article. First is that many of these spiritual people find their way back to the Church. Second is that the Church doesn’t fall into temptation and compromise its beliefs to appease or appeal to these spiritual people. 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us. 

Joseph J. Puntino 


Father Lauder’s Movie Selections 

Dear Editor: I agree with Father Robert Lauder on his selection of top films (“Father Lauder Sees Movies as a Life Lesson for His Faith,” Dec. 3). 

As a senior in high school, we had a religion class called Faith and Morality. The teacher had us watch “On the Waterfront.” It’s one of my favorite movies too. 

The symbolism, the struggles of each character. 

Each time I have watched it since then, I appreciate it more and more. 

Nancy Lappin 


Giving Thanks for Holy Land Pilgrimage 

Dear Editor: I couldn’t agree more with Jill Infante-Colgan’s recap of her Holy Land pilgrimage in the Up Front & Personal column (“Our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land,” Dec. 10). 

I had the privilege of participating in this pilgrimage, which was also a lifelong dream of mine. I am not a member of Corpus Christi Parish, but the warmth and fellowship that was extended to me throughout our journey brought joy to my heart. 

I have physical limitations, and I had difficulty at times navigating the terrain in the Holy Land, but at every step of the way, there was someone by my side, offering to assist me with enthusiasm and joy. 

I will be forever grateful to the parishioners of Corpus Christi and Msgr. Jonas Achacoso for their welcoming me into their family and who made this pilgrimage an experience of spiritual enrichment and truly an encounter with Christ. 

Patricia Connelly 


A Matter of Faith 

Dear Editor: With all due respect to a recent letter writer (“The Consecration,” Dec. 10), it is precisely because of a fixation on this kind of “hocus pocus” ennui that creates problems for people to believe in the real presence. 

The ordained minister is sanctifying the bread and wine at that moment by virtue of his office and the spirit which hovers over those gifts, present because the faithful are worshiping during the entire liturgy, not just at one moment. 

It is a matter of faith, it is not something one can time to a specific moment. 

Receive the Eucharist and know it is the body of Christ you are receiving. 

Raymond F. Roberts 

Bergenfield, N.J. 

Praise for Ukraine’s President 

Dear Editor: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has now been named Time magazine person of the year. 

Here is a president who stayed in his country during the war to rally his people in the fight against Russia. 

He is a true patriot. Fighting for one’s country is very important. 

I praise him and pray for him and all the people of Ukraine who are fighting for their country. 

Also, I praise Time magazine for honoring a great man. May God protect all the people of Ukraine from these evil doers. 

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.