Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of August 29, 2020

Senator Harris’ History of Catholic Intolerance

Dear Editor: Senator Harris has a long history of Catholic intolerance. Most recently, she claimed membership in Knights of Columbus barred a judicial nominee because the Knights of Columbus were extremists for opposing abortion, which is a basic tenet of the Catholic Church (“Harris Viewed as a Progressive Partisan With Conflicting Views,” August 22).

People will vote for a candidate for many reasons, but it should be noted that it was considered a sign of intolerance not too long ago to vote for someone solely on the basis of race or national origin. Maybe someday people will consider what is in the book and not just its cover.

Francis G. Rushford
Bay Ridge

Kamala Harris and the Knights of Columbus

Dear Editor: Ms. Kamala Harris has taken it upon herself to defame the Knights of Columbus (“Harris Viewed as a Progressive Partisan With Conflicting Views,” August 22).

Ms. Harris is under the mistaken notion that we are a hate group. Nothing can be further from the truth than that conclusion.

I have been a Knight of Columbus since 2003. We love God. We love people. We love our families and we obviously love ourselves. We hate no one. We love the sinner and hate the sin. If there is any hatred, it is the fact that we hate abortion. We hate to see children — innocent children — killed.

We do many things to help people. We set up food drives so that we can stock food pantries that need help. We visit the sick. We pray for the deceased. We even support our military and visit those who were injured in service. We support our churches and schools.

I am proud to not only call these gentlemen my Brother Knights, I am also proud to call them my friends as well. Each one is an outstanding person.

Again, I am having an extremely difficult time spotting this hatred that Ms. Harris talks about.

Maurice Bernier
Springfield Gardens

The Communion of Saints: A Great Spiritual Resource

Dear Editor: We believe in the life hereafter, and those who achieve it are called “saints.”

How many millions of American saints might there be in heaven? Yet do we pray to them as a group in this time of a trying national crisis? It seems as though a great spiritual resource is being overlooked.

This true story emanates from the halls of a University. It was the time of year for the alumni to contribute to the annual fundraiser.

One alumnus had consistently written a check for $25,000, but that year there was nothing from him.

The director of the committee gave him a call and politely inquired about the absence of his donation.

The answer was simple and straight forward: “Nobody asked.”

It has always been my Christian belief in the Communion of Saints: that a Saint’s attention is but a prayer away and they will readily intercede to God for us, but there is a basic requirement.

Intercession requires petition!

I believe that the numerous American saints in Heaven have a special place in their Spirits for us. They raised families here, with generations to follow; walked our land, worked hard to build this country. While countless brave gave their lives in wars, to allow us to live “where the flag of freedom flies.”

Vincent J. Cincotta
Hollywood, Florida

Can you Still Consider Joe Biden a Catholic Politician?

Dear Editor: Before people get so excited about “Catholic” Biden, please note:

1. Biden favors abortion on demand.

2. Biden’s revocation of the Hyde Amendment means that Catholics will be forced to pay for abortions.

3. Biden is going to go after the Little Sisters of the Poor and demand that they pay for contraceptives.

4. He chose anti-Catholic Kamala Harris as his running mate. Harris is the most radical pro-abortion candidate to run for president or vice-president in the history of our country.

Patricia Gregorek

A More Active Support for The Pro-Life Movement From All Catholics

Dear Editor: Thank you for your impressive and informative centerfold on candidates for the first African American saint (“Push for First Black American Saint Front and Center for Faithful Group,” August 1)

With total respect for the current Black Lives Matter movement, may all Catholics take this time to come forward in more active support of another vital pro-life movement with a similar acronym that is at the heart of the Holy Catholic Church? How about Babies’ Lives Matter?

Jean Alfaro
Fresh Meadows

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