Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of April 29, 2023

Tribute to Msgr. Martin Geraghty 

Dear Editor: How privileged and fortunate is each of us, who, in one way or another, were graced by the presence of Msgr. Martin T. Geraghty (“A Beloved Presence After 9/11 Tragedy,” April 22). 

In his tender, caring, and insightful approach, he respected the individual, whether that person was deeply spiritual, lost in the night, or somewhere in between. He taught us the power of faith, compassion, friendship, and laughter and did so with no fanfare but true humility. 

Let us thank God for the gift of Father Geraghty (as he liked to be called) and pray for the repose of his beautiful soul. 

Nancy A. Romanzo 


Latin vs. English 

Dear Editor: It seems my point about Latin Mass vs. English Mass is being misinterpreted. 

Yes, I understand that the Mass can be celebrated in either language. 

Yes, I understand that mistakes can be made with translations. If you are in a foreign country, the Mass should be celebrated in that country’s language. 

My thought is that because the Mass is the most perfect prayer, why would you want it celebrated in a language you don’t understand by a priest with his back to you? 

I don’t understand that. I want to hear the beautiful words of consecration and see the host and the chalice lifted right after. 

I am a child who went to Mass in the ’50s. People didn’t know what was going on. They were saying the rosary during Mass. I had a Mass book to follow when I could read, but I never knew where we were. I was always playing catch-up. How is this the way to participate and be a part of the Mass? 

Latin is beautiful and has so much meaning. That is what its proponents say. I’m sorry, I want to hear, see, and understand every word of the Mass in a language I can understand so I can fully participate in this magnificent prayer. 

Maria F. Mastromarino 

Manalapan, N.J. 

Another Word of Thanks 

Dear Editor: Thank you for the kind article about my life as a priest and musician. It is good to appreciate the great inheritance we have as Christians and Catholics of so much great sacred music that can enliven and support our faith. 

One detail I would like to add is the priest who really encouraged me to respond to God’s call and pursue the priesthood is Msgr. Ronald Marino. I knew him for many years prior to my entering the seminary. 

In fact, more than two decades ago, Msgr. Marino welcomed Jens Nygaard and the “Jupiter Symphony” to offer a benefit concert for the Kosovo Refugees in St. Patrick’s Church in Bay Ridge. It was quite a wonderful event where classical music and our Catholic faith beautifully came together to help people in need. 

Finally, Msgr. Marino vested me on the day of my ordination. For all of that and more, I am deeply grateful. 

Father Thomas F. Vassalotti 

Divine Mercy Parish 

I Support You, George 

Dear Editor: I find it disturbing that George Weigel has to answer critics who continue to slander and attack him because of his high regard and praise of John Paul ll. Keep up the great columns and praise of one of our most holy and influential popes. 

Paul Manheimer 

Oakland Gardens 

Thoughts on Suicide 

Dear Editor: There are some things a suicidal person should think about before they take their life. 

They should ask themselves what they think happens immediately after they do it. Most people believe in something after death and this lasts not for a lifetime, but for thousands of years. 

If you take your own life, God’s plan for you may not be fullfilled. 

John Sendlein Ridgewood 

Editor’s note: If you are having suicidial thoughts, help is available. Call 988 now. 

Shame on Walter Reed 

Dear Editor: I do not accept Walter Reed’s statement (“Walter Reed Hospital: We Will Still Provide Services for Catholics,” April 22). 

Where is the pushback? We, as Catholics, have become too appeased and complacent, in my opinion. 

Theresa Naimoli 

Rockaway Park