Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of April 24, 2021

Gun Violence Must Cease, And Must Cease Now

Dear Editor: The latest shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis that left eight people dead again continues the cycle of gun violence in the country, and there has to be an end to these tragedies which over the last several weeks have occurred.

When is the federal government going to finally get serious and pass tighter gun control laws? Congress seems to be more beholden to the interests of the powerful NRA, rather than worrying about the safety of the American people.

Much stricter background checks, including a person’s mental condition, must be done on anybody who wishes to purchase a gun.

No citizen needs or should be allowed to purchase assault weapons. Only those in the military and law enforcement should be permitted to carry such weapons as necessary.

America is becoming a war zone due to these shootings, and people are going to continue to be afraid to even walk down the streets, go to the park, and do other activities because of the fear of being shot and wounded or killed.

What has happened to the value of life in this country? What has happened to decency, morals, and respect for each other and for the precious gift of life? They seem to be forever gone with the wind. Gun violence, as well as all other types of violence, must cease, and must cease now!

God help America and God help us all!

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

It Should Be Easy Being Catholic

Dear Editor: It should be so easy to be a baptized and confirmed Catholic and practice our beliefs by our actions and words. Always doing all the corporal works of mercy throughout our lives and in these times openly proclaiming and voting pro-life.

Pro-life also means that we are supportive of all immigrants that are applying for legal admission to our country and who are respectful to the laws of our country.

Many of us have had family members arrive in our country illegally who ultimately became great American citizens.

At 8 years old, my father came with his mother from Italy after his own father had come to America earlier so that he could be sponsored by his brother, and his brother’s wife, in order to establish residency and find work.

Helping others who have difficult situations should always be our mission and supporting the Sisters of Life, Catholic Charities, Helpers of God’s Precious Infants — and many other organizations that assist mothers and fathers — is being pro-life from the womb to the tomb.

Let us pray and be open to the crises that are happening in our country and not be silent about being pro-life. Pray for all Catholic politicians that they may see the pro-life light.

Madeleine Santangelo Palumbo

Sea Cliff, New York

Treat Them as ‘Migrants’ Not Unwanted ‘Aliens’

Dear Editor: In his letter of April 10, Mr. Andrew L. Sichenze labels those presently showing up on our border with Mexico — including unaccompanied children — “illegal aliens” and he finds it disturbing that our church should call them “migrants.”

He says also that the church refuses to consider the actions of these people to be in violation of American laws.

I know that Christ exhorted his followers, and through them us, to “render unto Caesar,” but we have also just celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday, with its devotion which includes Christ’s wish that we should be conduits of His Mercy for mankind.

Jesus also ordered His apostles to convert all nations (Matthew 28:19), and that doesn’t sound like he considered anyone to be an “alien.”

In fact, His final bequest to us, as he hung on the cross, was to make us all — through John — the sons of Mary, our spiritual mother.

So, the Catholic Church has every right to treat these unfortunate souls on our border as “migrants” and not as unwanted “aliens.”

Is it only wrong if we consider unborn fetuses to be unwanted people, but not wrong to treat born, live children as unwanted?

Garrett Dempsey


Gratitude for Truth

Dear Editor: I want to commend Michael J. McGovern of Floral Park for his excellent letter, “Migrants are God’s Precious Children Too” (April 17.)

After witnessing the last administration’s inhumanity towards those seeking asylum, I pray we have seen the end of looking at these desperate human beings as if they were an ecological nuisance.

Mr. McGovern beautifully articulated how loving these “brothers and sisters in need” meshes with our history as a country built on the gifts immigrants have brought us.

His words rang as true to me as the Gospels.

RoseAnne Cleary