Let Us Not Judge, Let Us Pray For Governor Cuomo

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio speaks at Immaculate Conception Center, Douglaston. (Photo Jorge Dominguez)

Recently, some in the Catholic community have called for the excommunication of Governor Andrew Cuomo and those Catholic members of the legislature who supported the change in the law to allow for the termination of a pregnancy up until the moment of birth.

Such calls are very understandable.  The gravity of evil merits such a call. Excommunication is meant to have a medicinal effect. It is intended to be so severe a penalty that the subject of the excommunication repents of evil, reforms his/her life and turns back to the Lord.  In this case, the governor is, in fact, taunting the Catholic community and would wear the excommunication as a badge of honor.

The culture we live in is poisonous to faith. New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo, who is a Democrat and Catholic, is now being targeted by pro-choice groups for his opposition to this legislation. Indeed, perhaps justified, the excommunication of the governor would be presented to the broader culture as the Church victimizing the governor. In the end, it would be a distraction from the horror of the crime and evil that cries out to Almighty God for vengeance.

We should not be naïve enough to think that the passage of the expansion of the abortion franchise was not strategically coordinated with the passage of the Child Victims Act. The news was meant to tie these two issues together. Both bills were passed without a public hearing, attesting to the state of our democracy in the State of New York.

The governor seems to have a remarkable capacity for dissembling words, which is disingenuous, changing his position on at least two occasions when he spoke to the Bishops of the State. On those occasions, Governor Cuomo indicated his opposition to the law based on its merits. As a lawyer, he waxed eloquently on the necessity of a statute of limitations in the law.

The truth is, the Bishops of New York State had expressed reservations in past versions of the Child Victims Act because it would have shielded public institutions from liability. Rather our position was that a full disclosure of all abuse – not just some abuse – was essential if we were to curb the scourge of child abuse. Once the legislature strengthened the bill this week to include all survivors, we dropped our opposition to the legislation.

I know that so many in the Catholic community are outraged by decisions that were made by some in Church leadership long ago.  We Catholics will pay the price for those decisions for generations to come. In fact, before there was any change in the law, we in the Catholic community sought to take dramatic steps to protect children in our care. Indeed, since the Dallas Charter was implemented in 2002 we have significantly reduced allegations of abuse. In our diocese in Brooklyn and Queens, in the last 17 years there were two allegations of misconduct. Moreover, at great expense, the Diocese of Brooklyn sought to discover those that were harmed in our institutions and invited them to come forward and to have the explicit acknowledgment of the wrongdoing as well as compensation for the offense that caused such terrible pain.

Governor Cuomo and the legislature have done the right thing passing the Child Victims Act, but not the Reproductive Health Act.

Therefore, I propose that we do not excommunicate the governor, but rather that we pray for him every single day; perhaps it would be good to include him by name in the Prayer of the Faithful.  Specifically, that his eyes be opened to the sacredness of all human life. While excommunication may not have a favorable effect, as a person of faith, I am convinced that by prayer we will move mountains and even turn the stone-cold heart to flesh.

Yet, it is not my place to judge the governor. We should pray for him.  Andrew Cuomo was educated in Diocese of Brooklyn schools, at St. Gerard Majella and Archbishop Molloy High School, both in Queens. He says he is Catholic, but there are incongruities in that statement. Still it is not for us to judge, but only God to do so, as He is a merciful God.

22 thoughts on “Let Us Not Judge, Let Us Pray For Governor Cuomo

  1. Each church should name him in prayers’ of the faithful and also name the members of the legislature in their community. However, some of our clergy are so far out Democrats that they will praise him. I agree with you concerning the excommunication.

  2. He should be excommunicated! Pray for him sure! But if couple divorced and married again can not receive communion what Mr Cuomo did is much worst: his crime multiplies by thousands in every city and every state that will follow.

    1. Ever since Amoris Leatitia, divorced and remarrieds can now can receive Holy Communion. The 6th commandment which as God’s Law we are to obey carefully, fully, and always, now must also include a footnote.

      “Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery* unless according to your conscience—which now
      trumps obedience to God’s law and Church teaching—and you
      feel it’s OK for you, you are welcome to receive

      God will never accept such a thing!! I hope and pray these “couples” eyes are opened for their own sake and their salvation.

      As far as excommunicating this governor and calling it “judging” is a little disingenuous and often times used to silence those who are more aligned with the faith. We are judging!! We have every right to judge. We have a responsibility to judge evil and wrongdoing. By the faithful asking for this for such a despicable law is not judging the person of the governor, but his very sick and demonic law.

      Our shepherds are failing us by their silence and by allowing the ravenous wolves to now literally tear and kill the most innocent ones apart.

      Excommunicate him anyway!! It will teach all Catholics a good lesson. Who cares what the governor will do. Like Cardinal Dolan, this is just another excuse not to do the right thing. Faithful Catholics are getting suspicious and annoyed by the Bishops’ lack of shepherding. Please do the right thing. Ignoring this and giving him a pass is wrong.


  3. If he is excommunicated he will no longer be able to pretend, boast actually, that he’s a good standing Catholic. And Church leaders might think twice before inviting him to be in the St Patrick’s Day Parade. We pray that Cuomo and other POLITICIANS will change. We also pray that Cardinals and Bishops will cease to be giving tacit approval to heinous acts by silence.

  4. The average person applying for an annulment has to jump through hoops to get one.
    Yet the Church is afraid to stand up to Cuomo because of his power.
    The Church is hypocritical by giving everyone all of their edicts, and telling them that not to act as they proscribe
    is not only wrong but possibly sinful.
    Whenever I go to Mass, I see fewer and fewer people, and most of them are elderly. Unfortunately,you are losing more people because of your vacillating stands, that you apply indiscriminately.

    1. Lots of big bucks are given to the church for senior housing projects, the Catholic Charities organization etc. ……not sure if the Catholic schools get any state funding……Regardless, I would bet money that if the various NY State dioceses weren’t receiving certain funding, Cuomo would be excommunicated swiftly…… These prelates are so intimidated and “scared” of Cuomo for many reasons….they have been severely battered by the clergy abuse crisis and are afraid of what Cuomo is possibly capable of doing with regard to that issue……the bishops have lost all their courage and most certainly their credibility. Christ booted the money changers out of the temple ….time for them to throw Cuomo out of the church! I can assure you that If a priest of the diocese stood up and backed Cuomo ( which would never happen) you can be absolutely certain that the priest would be most likely be booted from the clerical state and more than likely excommunicated. Sadly, theses Bishops are inadvertently “protecting” Cuomo so THEY can “protect” themselves! Really pathetic……

  5. Again it is poor leadership from our bishops and Cardinals who like the governors money for their various charities.

    The Catholic Church is indeed under attack and it’s mostly from the lack of enforcement of our moral laws, laws that have been handed down from generation to generation, from our weak leadership within the Church.

    Our beloved Church has been taken over by the secular society…

  6. I am for excommunication and perhaps he will think over the gravity of his actions and repent. That’s my prayer. As for participating in the St Patrick pared he should not be invited to be part of it. I would like to know who decides for the excommunication The Pope or cardinal Dolan ?

  7. ThebBishop is right. He will use it as a Red Badge of Courage and some of are so called “Catholics” will applaud him contumely bown down to their political pals.

  8. I find it hard to believe that our Bishops haven’t called out Cuomo publicly in the harshest terms. The most they can say is that they’re “saddened” and to pray for him? Yes, we should always pray for the conversion of sinners, but our Church leaders are giving Cuomo a small slap on the wrist. He is promoting the murder of babies and laughing about it. To see Cuomo and his cohorts cheering and applauding this modern day holocaust is sickening. Jesus said “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice” and in this case the anger of the faithful is justified that Cuomo, Pelosi, et al aren’t being sanctioned by Church leaders. Cuomo will probably be the guest of honor at the Alfred E. Smith dinner. I love my Church but I am so disappointed in the leadership.

    1. Ambiguities appear all of the time–they are “signs” of our times.

      Opinions count, to be sure, but the difference between “right and wrong” has to take “first place.”

      Governor Cuomo should be excommunicated until he is truly sorry for the “wrong” he has foisted on New Yorkers and on all Americans. Let us pray for him and his salvation.

      The Declaration of Independence is the foundational document of the U.S.A.

      A Constitutional Amendment is now needed to define that life for all begins at conception.

      There will be a “fight”– get ready — we’re going to win — God is with us “all the way.”

      Florence Maloney

      1. Excommunication should not be the result of popular opinion. The Governor will have to stand before God in the end. However I believe if each and every Catholic in New York State is urged to write to him individually expressing their dissapointment and outrage if may make a difference in how he sees himself before his brother and sister Catholics. I have already written to him.

  9. I believe that there needs to
    be an explanation of the Eucharist. It is not a reward for “good behavior” but a means of grace for all of us sinners. Don’t know how so much has been lost

  10. He should be ecommunicated from the church. He acts like he’s a God himself. Only God can choose if a child lives or dies. Not him or mothers have a right to kill a child in life or in the womb.
    This is such a sad time. No respect for life!

  11. “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” I recently sent this Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote to Cardinal Dolan and asked why our church is so silent about the abortion holocaust and – in view of Cuomo’s radical, barbaric RHA, WHY HAS HE NOT BEEN EXCOMMUNICATED??? Divorced, living with his live-in girlfriend since 2011, and now pushing this evil RHA – WHY???
    Canon law 1398 provides that, “a person who procures a successful abortion incurs an automatic excommunication.”. At the very moment that the abortion is successfully accomplished, the woman and all formal conspirators are excommunicated. Conspirators can be defined as those who make access to the abortion possible. If that doesn’t describe Cuomo, what does? He has, singlehandedly, expanded access to abortion – exponentially! – for no real medical reason – even up to the birth date – even without the expertise of a doctor! To whine that he would flaunt the excommunication has nothing to do with the utter necessity of the excommunication. The Bishop – the Cardinal – every Church leader – must LEAD! ACT!

  12. Dear Bishop DiMarzio,

    How many times in just the past 6 months has Andrew Cuomo exhibited hostility towards the Catholic Church and its teachings? His celebration (lighting the WTC in Pink) and signing the death sentence for more babies than before, tell me what do you consider a basis for excommunication? Andrew Cuomo has not been a good Catholic…..and that is not a secret. He is very proud of his record and says as Governor he is not an instrument of the Catholic Church. He has separated what he was when he was Baptized to what he has become to represent the Democratic Party. If he is spared being excommunicated, then I just lost all faith in you too. I am not judging him…I do not have to. He has signed his name on this heinous law….infanticide is now legal in NY State, and he openly boasted during the Kavanaugh hearings that NY will always be a safe place for women to choose. He has succeeded in that goal thanks to him and the Democratic majority now in Albany. No doubt, there are more Catholics who passed this law last week. Andrew Cuomo is a disgrace to his Italian heritage and you can add the woman Governor Raimondo from Rhode Island to the sorry list.
    God Help The Unborn here in NY …they are being thrown out with the trash.

  13. I am not judging Cuomo and concede that it is solely the right of God to do so. However the doctrine of our Church is very clear and it is the responsibility of the Church leaders to make it clear. Excommunication is not condemnation. To equate them is a lie. The Church hierarchy has a responsibility to attest to the truth.

  14. Dear editor,
    Although I registered as a democrat soon after gaining citizenship two decades ago, I have stopped voting for them after I realized the demonic agenda they push which is benignly labeled “choice”. When I tried to join the prolife ranks, my mother told me, “You are getting involved in the battle of principalities “, implicitly warning of repercussions from the enemy. Yeah sure. But what surprised me was that the attacks frequently came from what you think is your own ranks. I am feeling so betrayed that now, the sheep seem to be leading the fight against attacking wolves while the ‘shepherds ‘ , shall I benignly say, chill out.

  15. Faithfulness trusts God the Almighty that HE will act. History shows it to those that watch closely. HE will bless and punish to some degree as HE has always done. Pray for the foolish that they will survive HIS chastisement and learn as you and I also desire to survive our chastisements.

    Repent those that still have life, to do so.

  16. Out of mercy for his soul he should be excommunicated! Cardinal Dolan basically said excommunication is medicinal but this Governor is so far gone …what would be the use? Yikes! A shepherd giving up on a sheep. Some would say Saul(Paul) was too far gone too, but God didn’t give up on him. God didn’t say, “He’s not going to be moved by this so what would be the use?” What’s the matter Cardinal do you not have enough faith that Christ can work through this man’s “baptized Catholic” soul? A father that doesn’t discipline his child when the child is wrong doesn’t truly love him.