Our Youth

Let Them Speak, In Poetry: Hope For Our Planet

By Mary Israel

(Photo: St. Saviour H.S.)

I believe there is hope for our planet.
Times are changing.
People are believing in the possibility of a clean Earth.
Solutions are springing up to multitudes of problems, like the Greenhouse in my school.
We grow cucumbers and eggplants and peppers and kale
And mountains more in a brownstone that is more than 100 years old.
It’s absolutely incredible, and more importantly, edible. (And it’s all 100% delicious.)
People are discovering new miracles daily and technology is changing to provide fresh food to people who are not able to access it, and making it easier to grow nutritious food indoors so the land can be used to shelter others.
We might be in trouble, but you can ask any person on the planet,
No matter their race, religion, or creed what they believe, and they will reply
“I believe there is hope for our planet.

Israel is a junior at St. Saviour H.S., Park Slope.