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Let Them Speak: How Youth Ministry Changed My Life

“Youth ministry has completely changed my life because it has helped me open up and start a new life with friends outside of school,” writes St. Clare’s, Rosedale, youth member Thryll Campbell. Above, thousands of teens from across the tri-state area celebrated their faith during the national youth conference, Steubenville NYC. (Photo: Melissa Enaje)


By Thryll Campbell

Being an active member at St. Clare’s in Rosedale has given me the insight about what it means to be Catholic. Last fall, I started attending Faith Formation classes.


Learning about the Church and my faith helped prepare me for the sacraments of Confirmation and Communion.

Now that the day is coming closer, I find myself more excited especially since I chose a saint that I can reflect with when it comes to my experience with the Church. St. Anastasia, “who will rise again,” means the most to me because I feel like a whole new person.

One of St. Anastasia’s attributes is recognized as a bowl of fire. I realized that I became more outspoken in a positive manner. I’m beginning to partially break out of my shyness. I found myself being more selfless.

I want to say that it’s all thanks to the youth ministry. Joining the youth praise dance ministry has helped me to explore one of my favorite ways to worship God.

Youth ministry has completely changed my life because it has helped me open up and start a new life with new friends outside of school.

I was afraid that no one would want to talk to me because everyone in the youth ministry knew each other for years. But after realizing the youth at church accepted me regardless of the amount of time I knew them, I have become less shy and I have been able to slowly step out of my comfort zone.

Life Lessons

I learned many life lessons from talking as a whole group and also by talking to people individually.

Also, youth ministry helped me deal with the challenges that come with being a teenager and attending a public high school. I learned that people use religion as a weapon but that has only made me embrace my faith even more!

As the events of Holy Week begin, I was thrilled because this year I will be participating in many liturgies such as the Palm Sunday Mass, Good Friday service and of course the Easter Vigil!

Editor’s Note: St. Clare’s, Rosedale, youth member Thryll Campbell wrote about the time leading up to when she received the sacraments of Confirmation and Communion at the Easter Vigil.

Campbell is a junior at Martin Van Buren H.S., Queens Village, and a parishioner and youth member at St. Clare’s, Rosedale.