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Let Them Speak: Change Begins Within

During World Youth Day in Panama last January, Myriame Delva, top left, listened to Pope Francis’ homily during the closing Mass at St. John Paul II Field with thousands of international pilgrims. (Photo: Melissa Enaje)

By Myriame Delva

Second in a series

 As my World Youth Day Panama pilgrimage came to an end, I was able to see that the transformation started within myself.

Letting Go Of Everything

Here’s what I realized: First, I had to get out of my comfort zone and travel to a different country. Second, I had to let go of everything I loved in order to make room for Christ in my life.

When I was in Panama City, I moved into a room with two other roommates. We walked for hours in Panama’s heat to get to catechesis and crossed paths with so many other groups from all around the globe. This pilgrimage was nothing short of amazing.

It was amazing to see everyone from all over the world who loved God just as much as I did when we sang the 2019 World Youth Day anthem, “Here I am, the servant of the Lord, speak your word in me and let your will be done.”

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Closer To God

Because of this pilgrimage, I feel closer to God than ever before and I will continue to do His work and follow the path that He wants me to take. I will say “yes” like Mary did.

Delva is a parishioner at St. Jerome Church, Flatbush, and attended her first World Youth Day in Panama this past January.