Our Youth

Let Them Speak: #CatholicDayNYC

By Carla Genao and Gendry Peralta

Our experience with Catholic Day was amazing. It felt like a dream to be with so many Catholics and help spread the faith. Also, being able to go to Citi Field for the first time and participate in Mass while in the field was unforgettable.

This event was truly an eye-opener, especially hearing the vocation stories of some of the priests and the testimonies of some of the people at the Marina parking lot. Gendry isn’t a Mets fan, but it was still fun going to Citi Field and experiencing the field and players from up close.

Our life took a 360-degree turn after the event and opened our eyes to find our true calling. Our advice to all the youth around the world is for them to find their true calling and allow God in their hearts. Thank you and God bless!

Cousins Peralta and Genao are both parishioners at SS. Peter and Paul, Williamsburg.