Our Youth

Let Them Speak: “Catholic Education: It’s fun, it’s family”

By Kene Nzelu

A Catholic school education impacts me by teaching me to be a better person. Even though I have a different religion from my school, I still learn that I should be respectful, listen to my conscience and think about the consequences of everything I do.

By working in the Campus Ministry Office, I meet more people and learn that my school is one big family. The faculty says “hello” to everyone in the hallways and tries to make sure that everyone feels welcomed.

My school’s Campus Ministry also had some cool events. For example, they held a graduation Mass for the seniors and my friend and I were one of the kids helping out. We were ushers, so we would basically hand out programs to people walking in and greet them with smiles. We also guided people where to go during Communion and helped to show a picture presentation of the seniors during their years at Xaverian.

In Chorus, we sing at Masses and at special events. We sang at an alumni Mass and some of us chorus members sung at a soccer game.