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Let Them Speak: Believing In My Worth By Trusting in Our Mother

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By Ashley Ambrosi

Mary is the person that always points me in the right direction. I haven’t always had a big devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary. Not many believe she is with us, but we carry her in our hearts.


She is with us spiritually and I strongly believe that if we are devoted believers, then we can guide our friends and families in a righteous way and that we, as children of Mary, will fulfill our duties as children of God and Mary.

Mary said ‘yes’ no matter the cost. She said ‘yes’ with absolute faith in the Lord. She said ‘yes’ because she trusted in a plan that hadn’t been revealed to her. I realized that I had never trusted God like that, but I did have the desire to.

Mary quickly became my role model and the person I wanted to be like. I wanted her to teach me how to love without limits. Her love was so strong that she saw her only Son die on the cross, but that didn’t stop her faith in God. She shows how to trust in God’s plan.

I didn’t know what His plan was, but I placed my trust in Him – not completely, but it was a starting point.

After some time I realized that my life was lonely and that I was thirsting for God. I really needed His love and so I started trying to trust Him, little by little.

A Young Immigrant

The first time that I went to catechism class, I really hated it. I was new to the country and my English was really bad – so I stopped going.

But one time, my mom basically forced me to go and I found out that day that we had a substitute teacher. She came up with this flyer for a trip to Washington, D.C. so we could participate in the March for Life rally. I went to March for Life because I guess my mom wanted me to experience my new home in a new way.

The United States was different from my old home. I missed my family and the people I was close with. So when I came to the U.S., I was surprised, yet still insecure on what would happen in this new chapter in my life.

After attending the March for Life, I got closer to God because I finally understood how important my life was.

Teacher Was An Angel

Since that moment, I considered that substitute teacher as an angel because thanks to her, my life changed completely in a positive way. Now I’m more connected to the Catholic faith.

Before, I would curse at God and I thought that I was a mistake and I would blame Him. But God changed me in such a way that now I’m actually capable of helping others to see the truth and to overcome their problems so they could be able to go to next chapter of their life and follow the right path.

Heal My Broken Heart

I couldn’t heal my heart by myself because it was broken. So that’s when I prayed to Mother Mary asking her to help me so she could ask her Son to heal my heart. In catechism class, we talked about how Jesus loved His mother so much that He will definitely listen to her.

So I prayed four Hail Mary’s for my soul and heart to be healed and like that I said ‘yes’ without knowing how much Mary would help heal my heart.

I went in trusting that Mary could help me, and she did. That was my first step in completely trusting in God’s plan. It brought me peace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

Mary became my confidant and helped me to see how the Lord was working in my life. I continue to look to her as a model of strength, love, and compassion.

In a few words, our Blessed Mother Mary is my friend – a light in the darkness, the calm in a storm and an example of grace.

I know who Mary is in my heart not just who she was. My relationship with her is personal. She is my heavenly mother and I want to be like her.

Ambrosi is a sophomore at the High School of Fashion Industries, Manhattan. She will receive the sacrament of Confirmation on Oct. 11 at St. Sebastian Church, Woodside.


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